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The future of this planet is compromised by both man's actions and inactions.  Some affected ecosystems will never recover and others will only cease their deterioration or improve if appropriate actions are taken now. Looking ahead to the future, it is easy to visualize two vastly different planets:

The first world is one where the human race continues to consume and pollute more than the earth can sustainably provide for and heal itself. In this world there would be wide spread famine, disease and wars as peoples everywhere struggled to survive with access to clean water and healthy food the number one issues.  Global warming will have raised sea levels a couple of metres flooding huge populated and fertile lowlands; major fresh water aquifers, dependent on glacier and snow melt, would be drawn down to next to nothing leaving millions of people without potable water; pollution of the world's oceans and atmosphere would continue eliminating major ecosystems world-wide; and, toxins, pests and expanding disease will compromise the earth's food supply.

The second world is one where the human race acts now to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution and to dramatically change its lifstyle expectations such that each person's carbon or ecological footprints are reduced to levels that one earth can support. This world would have its people living in harmony wherever possible with the affected ecosystems. Lifestyles would be much simpler, especially in the western world where people would reside in very modest, small-sized and well-insulated houses with all their reduced energy needs provided from only sustainable energy sources. Consumer globalization would be non-existent. Communities would practice ecologically beneficial farming methods to produce their own local foods. Transportation would be by mass transport using sustainable energy sources.  Green spaces would be encouraged in all communities.