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Ecology International is committed to research, identify, educate and implement practical solutions for minimizing the impacts of man’s global activities on the world's ecosystems and peoples.

To manifest this vision, Ecology International is:

1)  Working with indigenous peoples and scientists worldwide to identify and summarize our current understanding of the global issues that are affecting our ecosystems,

2)  Using traditional environmental knowledge and scientific sources to identify which ecosystems are being most impacted, those which are most at risk, how adaptive these ecosystems can be or are to temporal changes (both naturally and man-made), and what the likely cumulative and long term impacts will be from the unabated global issues affecting them now,

3) Researching, identifying and communicating ecologically beneficial ways in which impacts to these affected ecosystems can be minimized, eliminated and, wherever possible, enhanced,

4) Collaborating with indigenous peoples, harvesters and other users of these ecosystems to define and implement more sustainable practices for harvesting and use of eco resources, and

5) Researching, educating, demonstrating and promoting new sustainable ways of living that will enhance and protect our global ecosystems.