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The following education links identify examples of selective universities, colleges and training institutions that can provide focused training and certification programs for students who want to expand their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in addressing the Earth's principal ecological issues and work with others to implement innovative and sustainable solutions:

UCLA Extension Certificate in Global Sustainability - A 36 unit course intended for architects, interior designers, graphic designers, landscape architects, and those in other design-related fields, the courses in this concentration focus on incorporating design strategy in the creation of information, goods, and services that transform the marketplace using systems and ways of thinking that generate ecological, social, and economic value.

Royal Roads University (Canada) Degree Programs in Environmental Management and Sustainability - Royal Roads University's undergraduate and graduate degree programs provide the leadership skills and interdisciplinary knowledge that lead to sustainable global environmental solutions and new opportunities for collaboration across disciplines, between governments, scientists and business leaders, and among those committed to innovative responses to complex ecological, social and economic issues.

Arizona State University Degree Programs in Sustainability - The School of Sustainability provides innovative, interdisciplinary education and research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, to better prepare them to identify and solve sustainability challenges. Their degree programs are flexible, interdisciplinary, problem-oriented programs where students explore the sustainability of human societies and the natural environment on which they depend. Click here to view the ASU Sustainability degree page which offers information about the innovative Sustainability education available through ASU Online.

Webster University (St. Louis) Graduate Certificate in Education for Global Sustainability - the Certificate in Education for Global Sustainability provides professionals with a recognized baccalaureate degree the knowledge, skills, and tools for transforming schools, organizations and communities toward global sustainability.