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Now is the time for globalization of a different nature. To ensure a healthy world for generations to come, the earth's people need to put aside their differences and commit to taking whatever steps are necessary to help the earth we all share heal itself.  Time is not running out, it has run out!  Scientists agree that many existing ecosystem and climatic impacts are now irreversible no matter what we do, while others, even if we take immediate decisive actions, will take years to stop deteriorating and many will never rebound to their previous healthy levels.

As a concerned cohabitant of this planet, we invite you to join us in the mission to help restore the Earth's ecosystems and ensure a "Healthy, Sustainable World for Everyone!".  Please fill out the following form and we will send you more information about Ecology International and its on-going initial projects.

We will also provide you with information on other groups working with us and identify ways in which you can help support or participate in one of our on-going projects.  We will look forward to hearing from you!