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EI is developing effective communication and education programs to bring the seriousness and significance of these identified ecological issues to the attention of the world's peoples and, more specifically, to inspire individuals, whole families, and communities as to how they can live their own lives more sustainably and also know that their contributions are fitting into a total global sustainability solution for the planet.

To help in this regard, EI  is producing a fully comprehensive, on-line, interactive Manual for Global Sustainability that identifies:
       1) the key ecological resources at risk,
       2) the current status of those resources,
       3) the likely causes of their demise,
       4) the techniques and processes being used for their harvesting (including Aboriginal traditional knowledge), and
       5) the kinds of procedures/solutions that will most effectively help restore the health of these ecosystems and provide sustainable methods for harvesting of their marine resources.

The format of this Manual is similar to Wikipedia where peoples input from around the world is solicited on environmental issues/solutions in their regions which is then reviewed and edited by EI's Scientific Advisors and added to the Manual. This Manual is the foundation document from which all of EI’s education and demonstration programs will be based. It will be in constant update mode connecting people around the world with new resource information, new innovative green technologies and potential eco-solutions as they are identified.